The Blvck Sheep brand encourages and promotes a lifestyle that salutes individuality and the expression of self.

Thafier is the founder of the brand. Blvck sheep is an expression of his uniquely distinctive and unusual character. His cleverly crafted studio is the ultimate expression of self.

His expert skill and tangible passion for his craft is undeniable.
With meticulous precision and silent confidence he will dissipate all fears and memories of bad hair days. This is guaranteed.

As you enter his pristine and impeccably curated studio, an eerily intriguing image of DC’s “The Joker” from the Original Batman movie stares you down and beckons you to enter.

The studio exhibits flawlessly fused elements of his favourite things. Figurines of Anime-origins, DC comics, an impressive collection of Hot Wheels and skateboards which hang like art on the walls.

You will walk away hoping to be best friends with this guy and embrace the Blvck Sheep in you.

Live boldly, express and celebrate your individuality.

We look forward to seeing you at the Blvck Sheep Barber soon.

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